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Novelist Henry Miller                – Update Update – September 12, 2016

Henry Miller, Asleep and Awake – Bathroom monologues

‘Asleep and Awake – The Bathroom Monologues was  filmed in 1975 when Henry Miller was 81 years old. It an intimate documentary in which the author speaks about writing, sex, spirituality, and New York. The film opens in Miller’s bathroom, a shrine covered with photos and drawings, where Miller graciously points out the highlights of his “gallery.” His voice is raspy as he talks about philosophers, writers, painters, and friends.

Novelist Henry Miller – Story

1 Henry Miller and Brenda Venus - pic

Novelist Henry Miller – a fascination for young women Story 2014.01.08 – While he was still married to his first wife, Beatrice Sylvas Wickens, Miller met and became enamored with a mysterious dance hall dancer June Mansfield.
Living in Paris, Anaïs Nin became his lover when he was still with June.
Back in the US, Miller was married to Janina Martha Lepska, a year later to Eve McClure and still later to Hoki Tokuda. Then he got involved with Twinka Thiebaud and later on with Playmate Brenda Venus.

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