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New Silk Road Update Update – March 19, 2016

Geo-Strategy: New Cold War serves New Silk Road

  • China intends to create the New Silk Route – both overland and maritime – from China to Europe. Diplomatic efforts are being made towards countries such as India and Pakistan to serve this purpose.
  • At the other end of the road, Russia is taking positions. Its presence in Syria and its alliance with Iran are part of that strategy.
  • NATO has to be kept out of this game, that’s why Russia’s Cold War II serves the New Silk Road plan.

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The link between Russia’s moves in the Middle East and China’s plans of a trade road

  • Although China, not military active, yet intends to expand its influence in the world as well. Contrary to Russia, the country prefers to play the trade card. Earlier the country announced its plan of a new ‘Silk Road’ – an trade passage way which would extend from China to Europe. Pakistan is key in this plan. “As Pakistan does not seem to follow Russia’s policy, this must be worrying for China” writes Sattar Rind, Pakistani columnist and author of books.
  • Since a couple of months Russia became an active military player on the world scene, more in particular in the Middle East.
  • Russia’s intervention in Syria is – first to secure its naval base in that country, and second to create a hub to Central Asia, especially Iran, Iraq and eventually Pakistan. Russia has an alliance with Iran. Besides, Iraqi Shiites are more powerful than before. Shiism is the school of religion they share with the Iranians.

By controlling part of the territory of the ME and Central Asia, Russia may become the gatekeeper of the maritime and overland New Silk Route  at Europe’s doorstep.

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The link between the Chinese naval activity in the South China Sea and Russian military Cold War II manoeuvres at the European borders?

  • Awaiting the installation of the New Silk Road, the US and NATO must be kept at distance from the Russian interventions in the ME and Central Europe. So it must be kept “busy” elsewhere. The Chinese are already provoking the US naval forces in the South China Sea.
  • Russia has been challenging NATO through military  provocations at Europe’s borders in the air, on the seas and on land since 2014. Including the support  of a civil war in Ukraine together with the invasion of Crimea.
  • The bombings of Syrian citizens – not ISIS – by Russians accelerates a massive flow of  refugees fleeing to Europe, which leads to chaos in various European countries. The logic? A weakened Europe will fail to interfere in Russia’s Game.

So, it is not unthinkable that Russia is deliberately creating security threats in the West, in an attempt to indirectly serve China’s interests together with its own Geo-strategic interests.  F.D.

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