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Frances Mensah Williams writes books about the African Continent and more.

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US movie palaces of the early 1900s were the object of a series of photographs.



‘Khabar Lahariya’ is an Indian weekly produced entirely by women.

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Trigger to the outbreak of WWI. Disastrous Treaty of Versailles triggered WWII.

Assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinandpic Graham Coton


For many Filipinos, the path from bad to good luck is littered with superstitions. Also in the West…



Paul Otlet, who lived a century ago, was a predecessor of the Internet en persona

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Merits and demerits of Guevara’s role in the Cuban Revolution



Miller’s Bathroom Monologues and his fascination for young women


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‘More to reality than meets the eye’: Late Marleen Depreitere’s fascination for quantum mechanics.



A young Dutch inventor believes he can engineer a device to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

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First termite-inspired climbing robots were empowered. Now, a 1,000-robot flash mob has assembled.

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Watch random pictures and covers of – The World in English in a video




Photographers hope for The Epic Shot, the once-in-a-lifetime collision of opportunity and skill. More.



Massacres from 1965 are being investigated. Story about the novel that killed colonialism. More.



The standard of living has raised since Evo Morales became president. Includes also traveler stories.

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Animation is popular in television commercials and in movies. Includes the history of animated film.

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The UN 2030 development agenda targets 17 new Goals & Stories of 5 extraordinary African women.

A Gambian lady, colourfully dressed in traditional clothing and fabrics, balances a heavy load of firewood on her head as she walks home in the afternoon sun. Boboi Village, Gambia.


About the Belgian New Beat scene, Ghent Festival and Boom-Antwerp’s Tomorrowland.



Italians form part of the culture of the Americas. San Francisco and Buenos Aires retain the flavour.



IS terrorist attacks are sponsored by third parties. Executors of bombings live in the heart of Europe.



China intends to create the New Silk Route. At the other end of the road, Russia is taking positions.



Nature preservation  and sustainable economy for the polluted Russia’s Lake Baikal.

lake vodorosl (284x300)


For a number of years abductions are taking place. Terrorists behead hostages. The sad saga in 6 stories.


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