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Italian heritage in SF and BA – Update Update – April 09, 2016

San Francisco, ‘Little Italy’ and Buenos Aires, ‘La Boca’

Traditionally, Italy has been a land of emigration, as witnessed by the massive flows of Italians to North and South America – mainly to the US, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil – during the 19th and 20th centuries. There were further mass emigrations to Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK after the Second World War.

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Millions of Italian Americans form part of the culture of the Americas.

In at least two major cities in the America’s, the Italian heritage is still alive and kicking. In Buenos Aires – capital of Argentina – the ‘La Boca’ city district was designed in a unique architecture by Italian and Spanish immigrants. The retired soccer hero Diego Maradona – nowadays the star is Lionel Messi – has been coach of the Boca Juniors.

In San Francisco, California, US, the North Beach city district is still known as ‘Little Italy’. Italian immigrants contributed to a large extent to the city’s economical and cultural development.  E.g. Bank of America was created by Amadeo Pietro Giannini. F.D.

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1 North Beach San Francisco – Little Italy

2 La Boca – Most colourful Italo-Spanish district in Buenos Aires

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North Beach District - pic
SF North Beach District – pic
'La Boca' Buenos Aires - pic
‘La Boca’ Buenos Aires – pic
Italian stereotypes - pic youtube
Italian stereotypes – pic youtube