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Borneo Abductions Update Update – February 28, 2016

  • Abducted Malaysian Benard Then Ted Fen – beheaded by Abu Sayyaf terrorist group
  • Abducted Malaysian Thien Nyuk Fun – released for ransom
  • Abducted Canadian John Ridsdel and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad – fate uncertain
  • Chinese Gao Hua Yuan and Malaysian Marcy Dayawan – released for ransom
Benard Then Ted Fen - pic
Benard Then Ted Fen – pic

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Benard Then Ted Fen
According to ‘‘ on Nov. 18, 2015:
Severed head with label ‘Bernard Then Ted Fen’ found

“A severed head, believed to be that of murdered kidnap victim Bernard Then, 39, has been found in a sack dumped near a municipal council building in Jolo island, southern Philippines police officials have said.

Jolo police chief Major Junpikar Sitin told ‘The Star’ that a street sweeper came across the sack, which was labelled “Bernard Then Ted Fen” (…)

When asked why Then had been beheaded while negotiations for a ransom for his release were still underway, Sitin only replied, “We are still investigating.”

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Thien Nyuk Fun
According to ‘‘ on Nov. 10, 2015:
Abu Sayyaf frees Malaysian hostage

Thien Nyuk Fun - pic
Thien Nyuk Fun – pic

“The Abu Sayyaf terrorist group has released one of two Malaysians they seized last May from a resort in Malaysia’s Sabah state, reportedly after receiving some 30 million pesos (S$900,000) in ransom.

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Ms Thien Nyuk Fun, 50, manager of the Ocean King Seafood Restaurant in Sandakan town, Sabah, was released in the southern Philippine town of Indanan on Jolo island (…)”

3 Mindanao and Sulu, Philippines - map by

Borneo Abductions Stories Archives 2015

Gao Hua Yuan - pic
Gao Hua Yuan – pic

1 What’s up in Sandakan Sabah, Borneo?

2 High abduction frequency affects tourism sector

3 Authorities’ inability to protect citizens and tourists

4 Brother on the Sandakan crime scene

5 Bernard Then Ted Fen fears he is next to be beheaded

6 After Borneo abductions, now kidnapping in the Philippines


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(Update continues)

Middle and right: John Ridsel and Kjartan - pic
Middle and right: John Ridsel and Kjartan – pic

John Ridsdel and Kjartan Sekkingstad
According to ‘‘ on Nov. 04, 2015:
Militants in Philippines demand huge ransom

“Suspected Abu Sayyaf gunmen have demanded more than $60 million for two Canadians and a Norwegian they are holding in the jungles of the southern Philippines, the largest ransom the Muslim militants have sought for hostages in years.

Army Brig. Gen. Alan Arrojado said (…) the Philippine government maintains a no-ransom policy, and there would be no letup in efforts by his troops to secure the hostages’ freedom in the safest way possible.”

Gao Husa Yuan and Marcy Dayawan
Gao Hua Yuan and Marcy Dayawan

Gao Hua Yuan and Marcy Dayawan

According to ‘’ on July 14, 2014:

Chinese and Filipina released

“On April 2, 2014 a group of seven armed men kidnapped Chinese tourist Gao Hua Yuan, 29, from Shanghai, China, and Filipino resort employee, Marcy Dayawan, 40, from the ‘Singamata Adventures and Reef Resort’ (…). Gao and Marcy were subsequently released.”

Unfortunately many more abduction cases occurred. At first it was believed that ‘Abu Sayyaf terrorist group’ was linked to ‘Al Qaida’, still the abductors show the flag of ‘Islamic State’ on their videos.

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UPDATE – Since the redaction of our article, John Ridsel has been beheaded as well.