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Bolivia – Update Update – May 20, 2016

Evo Morales in the news regarding lies about his son

Writing on his official Twitter account, President Morales tweeted the “right” should stop lying and let him continue his work.

“I still have 3 and a half years left as president,” wrote Bolivia’s head of state. “I ask the right to not lie and let me work.”

The run up to February’s   referendum campaign on abolishing two term presidential limits was dominated by revelations about Morales personal life.

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President Morales admitted he had fathered a son with a young woman, Gabriela Zapata. In an official statement released in February, President Morales said ‘’to their bad luck’’ the baby died shortly after birth.

But Bolivian journalist Carlos Valverde sensationally claimed that the son was alive and went on television with a birth certificate to back up his case. Morales demanded that Zapata bring the son to the presidential palace and when she refused he got a court order compelling her to present the child.

Valverde says the child presented to the court was “neither the child of Gabriela Zapata nor that of Evo Morales.’’

The journalist claimed the Zapata’s’ tried to pass off another child as Morales’.

On May 6, the judge ruled the “physical non-existence of the child” had been proven. Valverde was forced to admit his initial information was wrong and that the child “does not exist.

“On February 5 I told the truth about the child,” says Morales. “The truth is imperative. Let the people judge,” the president wrote on Twitter.

Valverde’s revelations sparked a frenzy on social media and proved extremely damaging for the government campaign.

They narrowly lost the referendum with Morales blaming the spreading of false information on social media for the loss.

President Morales and his Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera are not allowed run for another term in the next elections scheduled in 2020.

Evo Morales and Gabriela Zapata in better times - pic
Evo Morales and Gabriela Zapata in better times – pic

In the run up to the   referendum, Morales’ ex-partner Zapata, now a successful businesswoman, was arrested over claims of influence peddling at the Chinese engineering firm CAMC. Zapata held a senior position at the firm that had secured contracts worth $600 million from the state.

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Carlos Valverde
Carlos Valverde

She has remained in prison since then protesting her innocence. But Gabriela Zapata has remained defiant despite the new evidence. “My son exists,” she declared on Tuesday.

Zapata claims she became pregnant twice by Evo Morales in 2005 and in 2006 when she was a teenager, but says she was “afraid to say anything.”

Source: telesur May 18, 2016

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