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Belgium fiesta – Update Update – April 18, 2016

About New Beat, Tomorrowland and Ghent Festival

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic annual music festivals held in the world.

Being organized by Belgians – the festival started in Belgium’s town of Boom in the province of Antwerp. ‘Tomorrowland’, celebrated its 10-year anniversary.

Later the US edition ‘TomorrowWorld’ was launched in Atlanta, Georgia, unfortunately despite the huge success, the American venture came to an end.

Since last year, Tomorrowland also takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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After almost 170 years, the Ghent Festivities have evolved into one of the largest cultural festivals in Europe.

During ten days, six international festivals are being organized there is cost-free music on 10 squares, animation for children on various locations in the city and hundreds of indoor and outdoor activities. 

This festival is both an urban festival, a cultural event and a large-scale popular feast.

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During the 1980s a new style of music – driven by dj’s and their synthesizers – came to surface in Belgium. It was called ‘New Beat’.

The music and their performers became successful in the Benelux, Northern France and Germany.

Their secret: the synthesizer to replace the traditional ‘band’, abandoned cinemas to turn into mega music temples with exclusive door policies, the availability of the CD, which made them independent from the record industry. F.D.

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Antwerp' Tomorrowland
Antwerp’ Tomorrowland
Ghent Festival
Ghent Festival
Belgian New Beat
Belgian New Beat

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