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Animated film  – Update Update – May 09, 2016

Cube Creative Productions

Animation is nowadays very popular in television commercials. As an example, Cube Creative Productions in Paris is making great animation for that purpose. However computer animation is also present in movies. Cube, and many other production houses, also develop intense activities with filmmakers. Nicolas Devaux started at Cube in 2003 and realized his first short film: the everyday story of an elephant trampolining.

Learn about the difference between Computer-assisted animation  and Computer-generated animation

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Beauty and The Beast - pic
Beauty and The Beast – pic

Computer-assisted animation is usually classed as two-dimensional (2D) animation. Creators drawings either hand drawn (pencil to paper) or interactively drawn (drawn on the computer) using different assisting appliances and are positioned into specific software packages.

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An example of a film using computer-assisted animation is ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Walt Disney Studios, Beauty and the Beast

Within the software package the creator will place drawings into different key frames which fundamentally create an outline of the most important movements. The computer will then fill in all the “in-between frames”, commonly known as ‘Tweening’. Computer-assisted animation is basically using new technologies to cut down the time scale that traditional animation could take, but still having the elements of traditional drawings of characters or objects.

Animated film  – Stories

Felix The Cat - pic
Felix The Cat – pic





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Toy Story - pic
Toy Story – pic

Computer-generated animation is known as 3-dimensional (3D) animation. Creators will design an object or character with an X,Y and Z axis. Unlike the traditional way of animation no pencil to paper drawings create the way computer generated animation works. The object or character created will then be taken into a software, key framing and tweening are also carried out in computer generated animation (…). Fundamentally, time scale and quality could be said to be a preferred way to produce animation as they are two major things that are enhanced by using computer generated animation.

An example of a computer-generated animation movie is ‘Toy Story’.

Walt Disney Studios, Toy Story


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